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Plans + Invites

Plans + Invites

Hiya friends!

Happy Wednesday! Wanna know a fun fact about me? I keep a hardcopy planner and I write EVERYTHING in it. Yes, I know it’s 2019, and we all have iPhones, but y’all know how much I love my to-do lists and crossing them off. I also LOVE writing dates on the calendar so I can see my whole month at a glance. Can we say social butterfly?

Being that I keep a planner, I am also a planner and by that, I mean that I love to host events. When my friends and favorite people all come together, my heart is always happy because it usually includes good food, good wine, and good laughs. But perhaps one of my favorite aspects of hosting or attending a party is…The Invite!

There’s something about receiving an invitation, the idea of being thought of, of being included. Even if I can’t make it, knowing that someone thinks enough of me to want to include me in their plans is special! I love crafting an invitation, but I’m not always the most creative or illustrative, and for that I always turn to Paperless Post.

Paperless Post by far has the coolest, chicest, and trendiest digital designs for your parties and events - all of the templates are completely customizable. One of my favorite things about Paperless Post is that the invitations are complete with an envelope so that when it shows up in your inbox, it’s like you actually have a piece of mail. It seems much more personal and inviting. Paperless Post is based on a coin system - you design and customize your invitation, create your guest list, and then send out your invites, debiting your coin account. Upon creating a profile, they give you 20 free coins to start with, and you can buy more depending upon how large your guest list is. They also have free cards/templates as well, you just have to read the print when making your selection. The only thing that trips me up is that they don’t account for the host in the guest list - so sometimes I’ve forget to include myself in the final headcount. Whoops! Overall when you do the math and the breakdown, it’s cheaper to utilize this form of an electronic invitation than to mail out actual printed invitations, especially for a comparable paper design. You still get a classy and chic designed invitation, and I highly recommend it!

Here’s a look at some of my previous invitations!

Have you ever used Paperless Post? Let me know in the comments!


Nina xo

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