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Hiya friends!!

I sincerely hope life has been treating you well. For me, my schedule has been little cray. And not in a good way.


Earlier this week, I got back from a trip - like myself and the rest of the crew were done, officially finished with the trip, or so we thought. As soon as we opened the door, we were told that we HAD to work a flight to Charlotte later that night, and we were going to stay the night there as well. Well due to contractual circumstances per our union agreement, it was a VERY short overnight - literally 3.5 hours. 

I'm not going to lie, when I got the initial phone call, I was irritated. And tired. And hungry - okay, hangry. And overall feeling dejected because I KNEW how tired I was going to be. Have you ever thought about how tiring something is, and then gotten more tired as a result? Yeah, that was me. Side note: when I'm tired, my thoughts tend to get SUPER deep or SUPER delusional. 

In this case, I think I went more of the deep route because I remembered a Bible verse that I memorized in my 7th grade English class.  (Shoutout to all the Christian private school kidz!)

"Even to your old age and gray hairs, I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." - Isaiah 46:3

I started thinking about the word 'sustains' and what it means. To sustain something is to uphold or strengthen it. What did I need to feel sustained in that moment? Energy. Peace. Rest. Joy.  And that's when God spoke firmly to me - I AM WHO SUSTAINS YOU. Whatever I need to feel sustained, God is. 

Energy? I am He who ENERGIZES you. (Isaiah 40:29)

Peace? I am He who will BE YOUR PEACE.  (Philippians 4:7)

Rest? I am He who GIVES YOU REST. (Matthew 11:28)

Joy? I am He and my JOY IS IN YOU. (John 15:11) 

WOW! Talk about a perspective shift. I don't have to carry the burden of upholding myself in my weakest state because 'I AM' is within me and He is sustaining me. He always has, and He always will. If you look at verse 3 in Isaiah 46, God says He's been carrying us since we were born, and He'll continue to do it even in our old age. 

Friends, whatever you need to feel sustained, God IS. If you need healing, freedom, salvation, comfort, peace, whatever it is that you need - He is I AM and He will be that for you. He's not afraid of our weakness; in fact, He embraces it because that's where His best work is done. 

P.S. Hope and Life Conference is less than a week away!!! Check out the website here. If you can come, DO IT. If not, you can definitely watch online! Hope to see you there!!!


Nina xo




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