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Hi friends!

I hope you're each having a great week! 

Confession: I am THE worst when it comes to RSVPing for an event. To my friends whose weddings or birthdays I've attended, you know this and love me anyway. I don't know why I'm so bad at sending an RSVP. In my head I've responded, shoot I've probably even bought your gift, picked my outfit, planned out my travel details, and yet...I still HAVE to be reminded to R-S-V-P. 

My mom recently sent me Lisa Bevere's latest book, Adamant, and insisted that I read it. She's currently reading it with some girlfriends and she adamantly (see what I did there) encouraged me to dive right in too. LeLe (my mom) is the GOAT.

Lisa writes about how God's love for us is ADAMANT - stronger than a diamond, stronger than any force we could imagine or compare to. It's overwhelming, enrapturing, indescribable. Romans tells us that while caught up, wrapped up, stuck up and hung up in my sin, Christ died for me, and nothing could separate me from that love - Romans 5:8, 8:38-39 (paraphrase mine). Now, I don't know about you, but when I think about that kind of love, it inspires me to love, to serve, and to sow. And sometimes I get so caught up in those plans, that I forget the why behind it all - the love of God.

I forget to RSVP to the invitation of Jesus that beckons me to come and be loved for who I am, and not what I do. It is an invitation based on our identity - as daughters and sons of God - and not our spiritual resumes. An invitation with no strings attached. How refreshing!

God's love for us is overwhelming, indescribable, adamant, immovable, inspiring, motivating...the list is endless. With every breath He invites us to partake, to feast in Him, to be known and loved. 

And friends, our Répondez S'il Vous Plaît simply has to be Yes. 

Have a wonderful weekend, cherished ones! 


Nina xo  

LA: Life, Abundant

LA: Life, Abundant