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Hello friends!

I hope that y'all are rested, that your skin is behaving the way you want it to, and that life is all around good for you! It's been a MINUTE! I know, I know, you missed me...but, LIFE. #CanIGetAnAmen

So, here's a random fact about me - when I was a kid, my parents would garden and work in the yard, and I would be tasked with the job of pulling the weeds. They even let me use a cool little weed pulling tool to do it (so kind!)  However, I ended up LOVING it - with the tool, or with my hands, I love pulling up weeds. There's something so gratifying about pulling that sucker out of the ground, roots and all. Not quite sure what that says about me, but I'm just painting a picture for you - stay with me.

Earlier this week, I was helping a friend with some yard work, and guess what it involved? Yup, pulling weeds! I can't lie, I was a little excited - I bought my gardening gloves and I was ready. But, as I got into it, I realized it was MUCH MORE work than I bargained for. I mean these weeds had deep roots; they were entangled with each other. It wasn't just a little tug and the whole thing uprooted - I had to put my back into and my shoulders are paying the price today. But, as I was pulling and grunting and breaking a sweat, the Lord spoke to me about the weeds of my heart. 

While I may love pulling weeds in the natural, I'm less inclined and less than thrilled to prune the garden of my heart. It can be painful to address issues and hurts - unforgiveness, bitterness, disappointment. Sometimes, I just want to put a flower pot over it and call it a day. But, weeds in a garden and weeds in my heart are dangerous. Weeds require a life source and will steal it from the other plants and flowers that are already there. Weeds starve out the good things and leave room for little else. 

In order to maintain a healthy garden, you have to be proactive in picking and pulling at the weeds. That requires awareness and observation - when you see it, you address it. If not, the weeds will continue to grow and spread until the whole yard is one big weed. 

The same is true of my life - I have to be picky about what I allow through my filters. Toxic relationships, negative thoughts that contradict what God says about me, bitterness, unforgiveness - those are all weeds that threaten to starve and destroy the garden of my relationship with Christ. If I'm not picky and don't address them in the beginning, it's SO much harder to pick them in the long run. And trust me, I've had my fair share of weeds that left me feeling stuck and tangled up. 

But, theres's good news friends! I just so happen to know of the BEST Gardener. The One who prunes gently and embraces the open wound. The One who can help us cultivate good soil as we plant the sands of His faithful promises. His name is Jesus, and He doesn't quit when the weeds seem too thick or too hard to pull out. In fact, that's when His strength is best displayed - in our weakness, and He won't stop until the grass full of weeds becomes a garden full of beauty. 

For as the earth brings forth its bud,
As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth,
So the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.      Isaiah 61:11


Nina xo

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