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Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Hello friends!

Happy December!! Can you believe there are only 28 days left in 2018!? Usually I’m ready for the new year, but I’m still chewing on 2018 and I think there are some things that God’s still gonna show out in before the year is up.

So my sweet friend Devyn (aka Devy Dev) and I decided to challenge one another and participate in a Blogmas. She has an amazing blog called Swanson Pon A Time, where she and her husband Julian share their adventures living as full-time missionaries in Peru.

Now, what the heck is a Blogmas you might ask? I know y’all think I’m out here in these streets making up words. But, for those of you who don’t know what it means, a Blogmas is where bloggers post Christmas related topics daily. #BloggerBlitz Now, more power to those who are doing it on the daily, but ya girl is busy traveling and Devy Dev is busy teaching and serving children in Peru, so we’ve modified our Blogmas Blitz to once a week. Don’t @ us. Count your blessings ;)

To kick off the month of December, as your favorite flight attendant, I want to give you a few holiday travel tips.

Download, download, download.

We are living in the age where nearly everyone has a smartphone, a tablet, or some type of electronic device that allows you to have streaming apps. Take advantage of your home wi-fi and download hours worth of content before heading to the airport. That way if you encounter delays or experience patchy airplane wifi, you don’t have to sell your kidney to buy an airport magazine. And just so you know, ALL the airlines experience bad wifi every now and then. All. Of. Them.

Invest in a portable charger.

This comes in handy for the first tip. Some airports are better than others and have multiple, accessible charging stations, and some do not. With a portable charger, you can stay juiced up and entertained at the same time. I know a lot of my friends recommend a Mophie charger, and they’re decent. Personally, I prefer the Anker charger. I think it charges faster and doesn’t drain as quickly as the other chargers on the market.

Find Anker Portable chargers  here .

Find Anker Portable chargers here.

Take a treat for your flight crew.

I can’t tell you how appreciative we are when someone brings us chocolates, little goodie bags, or even small hand sanitizers. Such a small gesture is so incredibly thoughtful. During the holiday season, many of us miss out on traditions and celebrations with our families and loved ones, so for you to think of us and bring us something means more than you’ll actually know. It doesn’t even have to be large or extravagant. It could be a small bag of candy for your entire crew to share. If you do plan on giving your crew something, just make sure it’s pre-packaged…not Nana’s “special cookies.” And hey you never know, we just might hook you up with treats and drinks!



This is perhaps the most important tip of all. During the holiday season, it’s easy to prioritize our personal plans above all else. And I don’t know about y’all, but when my plans tend to go awry I can easily slip into Grinch mode. But, you don’t know what people are dealing with as they travel. Not everyone is heading off to a big family Hallmark Christmas. Last year, on Christmas Eve, I had a lady sitting in the back of the plane who was flying to North Carolina to bury her sister. Kindness costs you nothing, but is more invaluable than gifts this season, and always.

Now I know I’m not the expert on all things travel, but these are a few things that I hope will help during your holiday journeys. I pray that each of you has a blessed, miraculous, and wonder-filled Christmas season, and that you experience the thrill of hope that Christ brought with His birth.

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Nina xo

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