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Blogmas Top Five: Christmas Movie Edition

Blogmas Top Five: Christmas Movie Edition

Hi friends!

Hope you’re all staying warm - it seems like the whole country is experiencing a cold front..even places like California and Florida. Whew Chile!

So last week I posted about holiday travel tips that I hope you find helpful with your holiday plans. This week, I’m talking Christmas movies because what says holiday cheer better than a comedy with a happy ending? This Blogmas Post I’m serving you up with my top 5 favorite Christmas movies. It’s a tough choice, but these are my go-to’s. 

5. Jingle All The Way 


This is a film that not too many people may have seen. It stars Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger as two dads who are fighting to get the sold out toy of the season - Turboman - for their kids. They constantly outdo one another in their crazy antics, and you will cry laugh at their foolishness. 

4. The Santa Clause


I mean can we say Tim Allen classic!?! #AmIRite After seeing the North Pole come alive, I desperately wanted to go. I think I probably shook every snow globe I ever saw after seeing this movie, much to my mom’s chagrin. This movie warms my heart every time I watch it. 

3. Elf


Buddy the Elf....what’s your favorite color? Hands down, this is my FAVORITE Will Ferrell movie. Little known fact about me: I was terrified of escalators as a child, and I lowkey don’t like them as an adult. The scene where buddy does the splits on the escalator...I did that for a very long time. You can’t watch Elf without smiling. #SmilingsMyFavorite

2. This Christmas


Music, Family, Food, and Church. That’s what Christmas looks like for me. And I love this story of what real families actually look like during the holidays. From clowning each other, to airing dirty laundry, This Christmas, reminds me that within my family I have a lot to be grateful for during the holidays. Plus anytime Chris Brown blesses me with his vocals, I can’t complain.

1. Home Alone (1 AND 2)


Without a doubt, Home Alone is my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME. And I like the first and second one equally. Like it’s not officially Christmas season until I’ve seen it. I can quote every single line. I even have a tacky sweater that says,  “merry Christmas ya filthy animal.” I was Kevin McAllister, and Kevin McAllister was me. I don’t care how many times I watch this film, I laugh just as hard as if it were the first time.


Christmas is about the Joy that has come the world, and I love experiencing it through the beauty of laughter. If you haven’t seen any of the films I’ve listed, well now you’ve got some homework. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments! 



Nina xo

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