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Lessons From A Snow Day

Lessons From A Snow Day

Hi friends!

So, apparently Houston has decided to undergo all 4 seasons in the last week. Spring, summer, fall, and winter have all decided to make an appearance within the last 72 hours. *le sigh* Mother Nature, get ya life together! 

That being said, Houston experienced its first "snow days" of 2018. And by snow, I mean ICE and a 'wintery mix' as the chief meteorologist likes to say. 

As a precaution, schools and many businesses were closed and the streets of Houston were pretty much deserted. So, I decided to bundle up and BRIEFLY venture outside to get my fill of snow and get a cool post for the IG story. #priorities 

During my adventure - did I mention it was brief - I learned a couple things:

1. Ice and Snow are NOT the same thing.

As much as I dislike being cold, I LOVE snow. Real snow is beautiful, soft, and pure. There's nothing like stepping through a fresh pile of's like walking on clouds, or cotton balls - ITS SO FLUFFY!  Ice and sleet can sometimes look like snow, especially when it's falling from the sky, but it's still not snow. And even though it was a cause for a day off from work and school, it is still a fraud. 

How true can that be in life? An opportunity or a person may look good on the outside, and very well may be good, but still LESS than what God designed for our lives. Good is the enemy of great and when we settle for it, good can be as dangerous to our destiny as the black ice on the road. Good can be what causes our derailment from the purpose that God intended for us.

2. Self Care is ALWAYS better than a Self(ie).

Now y'all know I love a good selfie and try to stay camera-ready. If I'm being honest, sometimes my selfies are more about keeping up with the joneses of social media. Trying to be cool, or fun, or give others FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.) But really those desires stem from a place of insecurity. As soon as I stepped outside and that wind chill smacked me in the face, I decided it wasn't worth it and marched my behind right back inside where I proceeded to paint my toes, take a nap, and spend time with Jesus. Wayyy better than any selfie I could've taken.

Little lessons are often the most profound reminders of what life is actually about. And, I'm always always always grateful for the insight.

Now, let's resume the 76 degree weather, please ;)


Nina xo


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