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Yesterday was my twenty-ninth birthday.

The year that I say arrivederci to my twenties.

I love celebrating birthdays - mine, as well as everyone that I care for. They're filled with love, joy, CAKE, hope, and fun!

But, I wanted to start my year off with an attitude of gratitude. Thankfulness for another year is overflowing from my heart, so I decided to make a list of 29 things that I am overwhelmingly grateful for.

1. Jesus. - Can't say enough about His goodness and faithfulness.

2. Monty and LeLe. - my INCREDIBLE parents.

3. My amazing friendships.  - too many to count!

4. My family. - crazy cousins, fun aunts and uncles, and loving grandparents

5. My job. - make that money, honey!

6. My church. - I've grown so much from being planted in the House.

7. Life Group! - My peeps! Love doing life with them.

8. My passport. - I can't wait to fill it up even more this year!

9. My blog.The Joyfull Now has been such a fun, exciting, and wonderful experience. #LOVE

10. My mentors. - I have some fabulous women who are pouring into my life. I am grateful!

11. Music. - There is a song for every mood, day,  and season. Music is in my soul, y'all.

12. Open Doors. - God has opened some crazy doors for me, in life + leadership. Stay tuned!

13. The internet. - I like information. And knowing things, And being able to find it quickly

14. My freedom. - I constantly take it for granted and hope to never lose it.

15. My influence. - Whether I like it or not, God has given me influence and I'm embracing it.

16. My senses. - I love to be able to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the world around me.

17. Beyoncé. - the Queen. She truly inspires me so much. 

18. Clean Water. - truly, a luxury that is so often overlooked.

19. Handwritten Mail. - because NO one writes letters anymore. I love getting thoughtful mail.

20. Brunch. - my favorite time of day, all. year. round. 

21. Passion. - I've discovered that my passion is to write. And, I'm living it :)

22. My Accountability Partners. - the people who KNOW me enough to NO me.

23. The League. - I LOVE my gym and my gym family. My trainer, Terry, is the bomb! 

24. Texas. - My heart will always be here, no matter where I go.

25. Peace. - Until you lose it, you don't know how to fully appreciate it.

26. Sleep. - Usually, I'm an early riser, but I'm becoming a late sleeper in my 'old age.'  It's lovely.

27. Health. - it really and true is wealth, y'all.

28. Favor of God. - Don't know how or even why, but I am overflowing with the Christ's favor.

29. My future husband. - I know we are about to meet very soon, and I have believed for you, prayed for you, and interceded for you. #YearOfYes

I'm choosing to walk out a life of gratitude this year. Daily, I'm going to make the choice to be thankful....even when it's REALLY hard. And y'all better hold me to it.

Twenty Nine.

This is MY year.


Nina xo

Birthday Celebrations!

Birthday Celebrations!

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Shadow Seeker