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HoUSton Strong.

HoUSton Strong.

Hey friends!

It's a great day to be a Houstonian! Why, do you ask?

Because the Houston Astros are the 2017 World Series Champions!!!

In honor of the Stros winning the Championship, I'm going to share with you my top 5 favorite things about the city of Houston!

1. The H-town Pride - truly it's unparalleled. Houstonians rep the H no matter what and no matter where. Our city, our people, our music, our food, our sports's contagious! You can't love Houston and not gain some of that pride. 

2. The People - Houstonians are some of the finest, kindest, trillest, and most resilient people I've ever met. In light of Hurricane Harvey, I've been amazed at the way people have come together to help and love one another. And, some of my most favorite people live in the H....thanks Houston for bringing us together! #happytears

3. The Food - you know my foodie heart had to go there. Houston is known for some of its epic restaurants: Hugo's, Killen's BBQ, Ouisie's Table, Caracol, are all some of my favorites and they are local to Houston. Do yourself a favor and try them out!

4. Montrose - as I sit in my favorite spot ever in all of Houston, Cafe Agora, I'm smiling. Some of my greatest memories have taken place in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. Late night drives, crazy turn-ups, 24 hour study sessions have all taken place on this side of town. When I think of Houston as home, I think of Montrose.

5. The Music - there is a LOT of talent in Houston. From rock to rap, so many legends have come from the H: Slim Thug, Bun B, ZZ Top, Kenny Rogers...and don't forget, on the 8th day God created Beyoncé. LOL. The best part is that all of them rep that H-town pride.

Congratulations to the Houston Astros, who won their first Championship in franchise history. It was well fought, well earned, and well deserved. 

Y'all did us proud, boys.

If you're from the H, what are some of your favorite things about the H?

Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to check my Instagram story because I'll be at the Astros parade!


Nina xo

Grateful AF

Grateful AF

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