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Top 5 | July Picks

Top 5 | July Picks

It's my Top 5 July Picks: Primer Party Edition!

Do you have a primer that you're obsessed with? Personally, I don't believe that you can have just ONE primer. There's no such thing as too much primer.  If any of you are like me, your skin can sometimes be unpredictable. Some days my T-Zone produces more oil than OPEC. Other days, I'm dry and a tad flaky. And once in a blue moon, my pores love me and treat me with kindness. Always one to be prepared, I have amassed a collection of makeup primers. 

1.  NYX Cosmetics, Studio Perfect Primer in Lavender - $13.00

This is my every day primer.  I use it daily for two reasons. One, it is lightweight and brightens my complexion. Two, it's affordable. Since I'm using it on the daily, I'm replacing it a little more often, so I'm not trying to break the bank. Remember, #BallingOnABudget??? Plus it's a GREAT product! My makeup holds up fairly well throughout the day. I love NYX Cosmetics in general - and their primer is effective and budget-friendly. You can order it online, or you can find it at places such as Target and Ulta. It comes in 3 shades total: Clear - covers fine lines and large pores, Green - corrects redness, Lavender - brightens and illuminates yellow tones. 

2.  Benefit Cosmetics, The POREfessional Face Primer - $31.00

I have mixed feelings about this product. Some days when I use it, it's the absolute best! Other times, when I use it, I feel like I need about 50 sheets of rice paper to blot my face every 5 seconds. But, I think that's more of a me-problem, than the product itself. When it's great, it minimizes my pores and my face looks like a 15 year old again. Out of all the primers, this one is the thickest though. Probably why it covers your pores so well. So, if you're needing a primer that's a little thicker and provides more coverage, definitely check this one out!

3.  Lancôme, La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer - $42.00 

This is the primer-supreme. I'm pretty sure this stuff is made directly in Heaven, and then floated down to earth by tiny angels. Kidding. But, for real, this stuff is the bee's knees. It's a smooth gel that glides onto your face, and makes you feel as soft as 3-month old. And, it can stand the test of time and sweat. It is my go-to for special occasions, where I know it will be a long day and I will probably sweat more than all the men around me. 

4.  Benefit Cosmetics, That Gal Brightening Face Primer - $29.00

This is one of my favorite primers of all time. It is a lightweight, sheer pink that has the TINIEST glimmer undertones that brightens your face up. There have been times where I only apply this stuff, and don't wear any other makeup simply because this product brightened me up instantly. It gives you a natural glow that makes you photo-ready. It wears well under your foundation; it doesn't make you cakey or greasy. Between the two Benefit primers that I've listed, this is definitely #1. 

5.  Laura Mercier, Foundation Primer - $36.00

If you're looking for a water-based product, then this is the primer for you. Because it's water-based, this primer feels more like a moisturizer than the rest of the ones I listed. And while, it smells fresh and feels clean. It personally didn't give me the coverage that I needed. Laura Mercier is FABULOUS and her cosmetics line is top-quality. This product would definitely work well for someone who doesn't produce as much oil as I do. I tend to shimmer/glisten/sparkle (i.e. sweat) throughout the day. Mainly because Houston is ungodly hot, and the A/C in my office is moody. Ask me about it sometime ;) 

All in all, each of these primers are a fantastic buy! I tried to include a variety of prices to fit into your budget. If you enjoy makeup as much as I do, don't skip the primer. Primer keeps the slayage intact, and makes it last a LOT longer. Try one, try them all!

Are there any primers that you LOVE? Let me know in the comments!


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