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Little Elephant Reminders

Little Elephant Reminders

What's WORSE than going back to work on Monday? Returning to work the day after a HOLIDAY. Can I get an amen??

If I'm being honest, today was such a challenge and ya girl was D R A G G I N G....

After having a fantastically great weekend with family and friends in Dallas, I woke up this morning with the post-holiday blues. You know it's going to be a struggle, when it's only 9:36AM, and your head is drooping. Seriously my eyes were burning by 10AM - my personal tell that it's bedtime. 

Needless to say, I took my lunch break as early as possible. You know it's bad when you're "getting lunch" at 10:55. Unless you're in kindergarten. Anyway,  I headed to the eye of the bullseye (i.e Target).

Can I interject here and say that Target is legitimately my Happy Place. And on the eighth day God created Target and saw that it was good. Kidding! But, He definitely was looking out by gifting us with such an incredible one-stop-shop. Seriously, it doesn't get better than Target. 

Strolling through Target - because that's what you one ever quickly runs in and out of Target - I went to the accessories section. See, Target is that place where you could EASILY drop $500 in 2 hours and not even bat an eye. It's like your logic and reason decide to wait in the car, whenever you walk through that bright red entrance. Back to the accessories; I went there first because I'm trying this new thing called a budget (apparently it's all the rage in Europe), knowing that was where I'd probably do the least damage. #BallinOnABudget

Sure enough, I found the cutest bracelets. I'm big on stackables and they have a fun set of Bohemian-styled bracelets. The best part is that they include 3 elephant charms! I LOVE Elephants! Elephants represent gracefulness, royalty, and wisdom. They exude regality and dignity in such an unassuming way. It was a great reminder to carry myself in the same way. It doesn't matter how exhausted or bummed out I am, I can still be gracious towards others. I can still carry myself in such a way that reflects the peace, joy, and faith that I have on the inside. 

My bohemian ellie bracelet set. $9.99, Target

And you know what's BETTER than going back to work on a Monday? When your Monday is really a Tuesday, thanks to a HOLIDAY weekend. Sometimes, it's the littlest things that can shift your perspective.





Nina xo

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