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Sundays In The Park

Sundays In The Park

One of Houston's biggest treasures is Hermann Park. Located in the heart of the Museum District, it's home to the Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor Theater, a plethora of students and musicians, and so much more. It is always full of activity and one of my favorite spots to hang out.

My friend Britt and I decided to shoot some photos in the Japanese Gardens, which is conveniently located inside of - you guessed it, Hermann Park! She was working on a school project and needed a model, and well, I never pass up the opportunity to have my picture taken ;)

This was my first time exploring the Garden and I enjoyed the attention to detail. It is so incredibly tranquil and relaxing. It's the perfect backdrop for several types of photos. We ran into maternity shoots, family portraits, and graduation pictures whilst we were taking ours. Everybody had the same idea - Sunday photos in the Park! #GreatMindsThinkAlike

Britt is a master at using natural lighting to illuminate what she wants you to see. Reminds me of a well-known photographer...Annie Leibovitz, you may have heard of her? NBD. I'm sure Britt got an A, and made me look stunning in the process. Thanks boo! :) Going for a bohemian vibe, we wanted to keep my clothing soft and flowy. 

I love the softness that the neutrals create. Not only does it look feminine and cozy, but it felt that way too. |  Dress: Forever 21   Sweater: Target

THIS DRESS. It's so versatile. Sometimes I'll wear it as a maxi, and sometimes I'll wear it as a swimsuit coverup. It's COMFY! Plus, the back is my absolute pretty is that?!   |   Dress: Macy's  Booties: BCBG

I adore these photos so much. The greenery is stunning, and I think my hair looks pretty fab, if I must say so myself. Ha! You can never go wrong with a classic black maxi dress. It's comfortable, forgiving, and can be dressed up or dressed down. The middle shot is my favorite - that's my signature look, the 'Nina Face' as my friends often call it, as they try to imitate it.  | Dress: Target  Shoes: Nine West

Britt did a fabulous job, as always. It's always a delight and privilege to shoot with her. Hanging with her and getting dope shots is the best way to spend a Sunday in the park.

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

untitled peace.

untitled peace.