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Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea

The results are in...

For the last several weeks, I've been on the Flat Tummy Tea cleanse. I kept seeing it pop up on my Instagram and finally decided to give it a shot. I've heard both positive and negative reviews, but as with anything, I have to experience things for myself before I form an opinion...especially when my curiosity has been piqued. 

How it works.

It's a two-part detox cleanse. When you first sign-up, you can order the product in a 2-week trial or a 4-week trial. I opted for the 2-week trial...had to dip my toe in the shallow end, ya know? The first part, 'Activate Tea' you consume everyday in the morning with breakfast. Eating a light breakfast was great because the tea kept me full until lunchtime. The second part is the 'Cleanse Tea.' During your first week, you consume the Cleanse Tea every other night before bed. During the second week, you consume the Cleanse Tea every third night. The tea is loose leaf, so be sure to invest in a tea ball strainer. Note: it's easier to keep one at work and one at home - especially when you're running late in the mornings! (which NEVER happens to me. EVER #false). 

The verdict?


I know a lot of people use the tea with the expectation that it's going to flatten their tummies by the end of the trial, voila! I did see a change, but I didn't have a magical six pack by the time I was through. A girl can dream right?! However, it was how I felt on the inside. For the first time in a long time, I didn't experience that mid-afternoon bloat, nor the painful bloating that comes with eating a heavy meal. I did also cut back on carbs dramatically whilst on the tea, so that probably played a factor as well. BUT. I had crazy energy during my workouts, and when I say that my stomach felt flatter - boy, did it ever! It totally took my ab and core workouts to a new level! I was able to actually feel my belly pulled to my spine, for like the first time ever. I truly noticed an internal difference which was AWESOME! As any cleanse, you do go through a period where your body releases everything...however, this was definitely not the worst cleanse I've ever done. The "colon washing" lasted approximately 2 days, and then it was over! Bye bye, bloat.

Check out the before and after pics below! The iPhone quality makes it more authentic in my opinion ;)



Well, there you have it. You can see for yourself. If you're interested in trying out the tea and have more questions...let me know in the comments! You can also sign up for your own Flat Tummy Tea, and get 10% off using my link

Cheers, my dears!


Nina xo

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